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Pool Filters

Keep your pool clean and clear by removing undissolved debris from your pool water with a Hayward filter system.

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Pool Filters

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How the Filter Works

Pool water comes from the circulation pump into the filter where small debris particles are removed through depth or surface filtration, and then goes on to the heater or back to the pool.

A filter works through mechanical separation of water and debris through surface or depth filtration. Sand filters use special filter sand, cartridge filters pass water through a fibrous element, and DE filters pass water through a thin layer of diatomaceous earth that is coated onto a grid.

A gauge located on the filter or valve can be used to measure the back pressure or resistance in your filter system. When the pressure increases by 10 psi, the filter should be cleaned to reduce resistance and improve water flow.

Cartridge filters require disassembly and cleaning of the cartridge periodically to remove debris from the filter.

We find cartridge filters to be the most efficient at cleaning your pool – here’s why!

Advantages of Cartridge Filters:

No Backwashing

Unlike sand filters, cartridge filters do not require backwashing.

Save on Energy

Because they don’t need backwashing, cartridge filters are more energy-efficiency than sand filters. This could end up saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

Water Conservation

Cartridge filters also don’t waste as much water as sand filters. This means savings on your water bill. You may also save money on the extra chemicals you’d need to purchase to add to your pool if you have to put more water into the pool after backwashing while using a sand filter.

Exceptional Cleaning

Their filtration down to tiny microns can make your pool water sparkling clean and sanitary.


DE and Sand filters require periodic backwashing to remove debris from the filter. To accomplish this water is directed through the pool filter by a valve (multiport, vertical, or other). Once the water runs through the filter, it flows to the pool heater or back into the pool. To backwash, the valve is manipulated to reverse flow and direct debris-filled water to waste.

Whether you choose a DE, cartridge or Hayward sand filter, rest assured knowing Pool Doctor will install it to the latest industry requirements to keep your pool running clear all summer long! Contact us for a new installation!


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I've used several area pool service and parts companies over the years. Pool Doctor is the best. They are knowledgeable and helpful. They understand that I can fix minor things myself and bend over backwards to save me money when it's possible. They are reasonable and quick when I need them.

- Peter T

I brought a robot vacuum one morning.  I did not buy it from Pool Doctor, my wife got it online.  It had a warranty issue.  Pool Doctor accepted it from me around 10:00 am.
Within an hour or 2 they called me saying it's all done. I pass by a few pool companies on my way to Pool Doctor because they are professionals and always have been helpful with my pool issues.

- R.B.

Outstanding service. Paul Jr. Is a fantastic pool tech. His guys are good and clean up afterwards.

- Steve

Guys did a great job opening pool. No problems. Looks good already. Would be swimming if it wasn’t 46 degrees.

- Nick

We have been using Pool Doctor for 11 years. They are always reliable and follow up. Very good customer service.

- H.L.

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